Newhouse Alexia Fall Workshop


Eat Your Broccoli- Coaches Roundup

Murphy McFarlane, Aman Johnson, Kylie Scnhell, and Young Bin Lee


At the Alexia Fall Workshop, dozens of professional coaches and alums mentor the next generation of journalists for a weekend-long event. Through the eyes of a few visual storytellers, this video provides an inside look at what these hectic four days are all about.


This group project was created in three days, delegated between four group members with some guidance from coaches due to the high production value. For more about the Fall workshop and to see other student work visit


As co-leader of our group, my main responsibilities included…

  • Main editor
    • Organized and compiled all footage onto drives
    • Individually synched five interviews with their separate audio recordings
    • Cut each interview down based on transcription notes, using labeling methods in Adobe Premiere Pro
    • Restructured clips to create structured skeleton of the video
  • Interviews
    • In charge of recording audio and monitoring levels during interviews
    • Assisted in choosing a location and setting up interviews
  • Pre-Production
    • Collaborated with team members to establish the direction of the video

Equipment and Software

  • Canon C100
  • Tascam DR-60 MK ll
  • Shotgun microphone
  • Sennheiser Lav
  • Adobe Premiere Pro


A special thank you to Mylz Blaze, Milton Santiago, and Eric Jackson for helping make the production process as smooth as possible when questions and problems arose during the workshop.